App360 is available in several editions to suit varying customer business requirements and range of scale.

  Software-only Appliances
  Service Provider Enterprise HyBRIT Pro HyBRIT Mini
• UI White-labeling
• Multi-tenancy Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 5 Tenants
• Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimtied: Large & V. Large 50 Users
• Scalability Unlimtied: Large & V. Large Unlimtied: Large & V. Large Limited
• High Availability Large & V. Large Large & V. Large
• Roles & Permission
• Approval Workflow Large & V. Large Large & V. Large
• Directory Services
Resource Pools        
• Max. Resource Pools Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 4
• Auto-VM Discovery
• Public Clouds        
• Private Clouds        
   SUSE OpenStack Cloud
   vCloud Director
   Windows Azure Pack
• Virtual Infrastructure        
   VMware vSphere
IT Services Automation        
• Integrated Backup
• Integrated Disaster Recovery Option Option Option Option
• Integrated Monitoring
Server Migration
• Server Migration Option Option Option Option
App Automation        
• Self-service Packaging Option
• App Marketplace Option
• DevOps Automation Option

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