About Appcara

What we do

Appcara has one goal in mind: to offer the most advanced software platform for provisioning and managing applications in public and private cloud environments.

Why we do it

We simply wanted everyone, both technical and non-technical users, to be able to deploy applications through a point-and-click paradigm into their choice of cloud and manage it throughout its lifecycle.

What we’re made of

Headquartered in San Jose, CA with additional offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, Appcara has a close-knit team of engineers and business leaders. Appcara’s group of cloud computing veterans previously built industry leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing services such as the Savvis Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC), the Sun cloud, as well as leading service provider infrastructures at companies such as Equinix. But as rewarding as our history has been, it’s the future we are most excited about.

What we can do for you

A great product starts with its users. By focusing on the end user experience, App360 not only looks great, but it is also simple to use. This means no unnecessary complications, no manual processes, and no messy server templates. You will never need to sacrifice quality or usability again. We make sure to provide you with the most efficient interaction between your service and customers.

Want to get in touch?

Let’s talk, whether you want to work with us on your next project, or just to say hello.