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Appcara provides a flexible and easy-to-use cloud application platform called AppStack. We focus on streamlining and accelerating time-to-market for distributed Workloads into the cloud, whether they are multi-tier business apps, Big Data apps or custom apps. In addition, we free users to select the most optimal cloud target for their apps, whether public or private… Read More


Model-Driven Technology to Enable End-to-End Application Automation


AppStack utilizes a data model-driven approach to automate application deployment and management. AppStack captures and assembles information about application Workloads in a virtual representation - the data model - that is stored and maintained in a dynamic repository. The model can represent even complex multi-tier applications, as are commonly found in the enterprise. Users interact through the AppStack Portal - which provides a simple, visual way to deploy and make changes to the workload - even at runtime. AppStack captures changes real-time, dynamically updates both the model, and the running servers and apps in the cloud. AppStack therefore eliminates errors, and enables true, end-to-end automation of deployment and lifecycle management of your workloads. Read More



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The following video presentation provides a quick introduction to the AppStack Connector for Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager.



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