Appcara is designed to accelerate your cloud strategy


CIO’s are accelerating their cloud strategies to achieve competitiveness, efficiency and cost-savings, but it is a long and challenging journey. AppStack is plug-n-play to instantly enable multi-cloud and application automation.

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Service Providers

IaaS is a very competitive market. Cloud service providers must differentiate and move up-the-stack for additional revenue. With AppStack, CSPs can offer open-source and commercial apps with 100% lifecycle automation in weeks-not months.

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Model-Driven Technology to Enable

End-to-End Application Automation

AppStack utilizes a data model-driven approach to automate application deployment and management. AppStack captures and assembles information about application Workloads in a virtual representation - the data model - that is stored and maintained in a dynamic repository. The model can represent even complex multi-tier applications, as are commonly found in the enterprise.

"Industry's first turnkey solution to effortlessly launch multi-cloud and application automation services."